Beyoncé Works Her Floral Swimsuit as Romantic Birthday Vacation With Jay Z

Beyoncé’s birthday celebration will continue indefinitely!

It appears that the “Crаzy in Love” singer and her husband Jay Z are continuing to fete her 33rd birthday.

The couple was observed by photographers savoring a day at sea in the Italian port of Portofino, where their relationship did not seem to be on the rocks.

Jay Z, who was dressed in black bathing trunks and a V-neck T-shirt, embraced Queen B as they traversed the neighborhood.

Beyoncé, as always, appeared endearing in a summer cap, floral bikini top, and sophisticated d.RA Cara cover-up skirt. In addition, we admired the henna art and gold accessories that she proudly adorned on her healthy frame.

“Everyone, many thanks for the birthday greetings! “33!!!!!” she later wrote on Instagram while clad in an aerie bikini and performing a pirouette.

E! News has learned that late last week, the celebrity couple celebrated Beyoncé’s birthday with a beach party where guests inscribed “Happy Birthday” in stick figures on the sand.

The summer celebration was attended by close family and friends, including daughter Blue Ivy, mother Tina Knowles, and others.

An eyewitness told E! News that for the duration of the group’s four-hour stay on the shore, Jay and Beyoncé were extremely lighthearted and playful with one another. In addition to enjoying paddle ball, the party took numerous photographs. Hey Bey, are you able to possibly upload some of those photographs soon? The famous family appears to be unwinding and savoring the last weeks of summer at this time. It certainly sounds like an incredible journey.