EXCLUSIVE: Target is where pregnant Rihanna gets her baby clothing! Billionaire shop smart at a discount store in Los Angeles, leading some to speculate that she is having a girl as she purchases a $18 dress









Due to her lucrative skincare, lingerie, and cosmetics brands, she is currently valued at $1.7 billion, making her a billionaire.

However, as the richest female musician in the world, Rihanna demonstrated on Tuesday, March 15, when she was spotted purchasing baby goods at a Target store in Los Angeles.






With her 33-year-old rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky, she is currently expecting her first kid. She disclosed that she is in her third trimester recently.

It has been speculated that Rihanna is having a girl after witnesses allegedly saw her put a tiny orange garment in her shopping cart.



The Cat & Jack garment that attracted Rihanna costs only $18, according to Target.com.

However, wary of curious onlookers, the soon-to-be mother was also seen admiring a wall filled with genderneutral infant onesies and socks.



‘Living the dream’ was written above a brilliant picture of a metropolitan skyline on the hooded sweatshirt.

The singer of Umbrella showed off her legs with a glittery miniskirt made of imitation leather and glittering purple heels that encircled her ankle.

To elongate her face, Rihanna’s raven hair was parted in the front and styled into a high ponytail.