DJ Khaled’s Maybach 62 Landaulet worth nearly $2M helps him relieve leg fatigue in the city of LA


DJ Khaled, a highly acclaimed music producer and exceptional DJ, recently made a grand entrance in New York City in a lavish Maybach 62 Landaulet. His presence attracted attention and made a strong impression as he embraced the city’s lively atmosphere. DJ Khaled, renowned for his fondness for luxurious automobiles and lavish lifestyle, proudly displayed his appreciation for exquisite possessions with this captivating vehicle.



The Maybach 62 Landaulet, which is frequently regarded as the pinnacle of opulence and luxury, is the ideal vehicle for a celebrity like DJ Khaled. This car redefines the meaning of a mobile sanctuary with its roomy back compartment, top-down convertible roof, and flawless attention to detail.


The V12 engine under the hood of the automobile purred as DJ Khaled drove through the busy streets of New York City, providing a performance and power worthy of a music mogul. As he drove the Maybach through the city’s most famous monuments, onlookers stopped and stared, taking pictures with their cellphones.


The musician, who is well-known for his hits and engaging online persona, didn’t let his admirers down when visiting New York City. Using Instagram Stories and Snapchat photos, he shared a glimpse of his day-in-the-life of a music icon with his millions of fans.

DJ Khaled’s Maybach tour exhibited the vibrant and varied essence of the city, including locations such as Times Square and the scenic Hudson River views. Both visitors and residents of New York were in awe as the ostentatious car expertly navigated the busy streets while DJ Khaled’s music filled the luxury sound system, providing an extra element of atmosphere to the whole experience.